We are accepting applications for the 2017 Pitch Contest

Over 130 Companies Competing for a Chance to Win $100,000 Prize Package

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Give your pitch at one of the following pitch qualifiers, where up to 25 presenting entrepreneurs will be selected to participate in the Innovation Showcase event at inX3!

Location Date Time Location Website
Lafayette 20-Apr 7:00 PM Co-Working Studio
Indianapolis 20-Apr 5:30 PM Platform 24
South Bend 21-Apr 10:00 AM Jordan Auditorium Click Here
West Lafayette 23-Apr 4:30 PM Anvil Click Here
Indianapolis 26-Apr 5:30 PM The Hi-Fi Click Here
Cincinnati 27-Apr 4:00 PM Crossroads Uptown Click Here
Bloomington 28-Apr 5:30 PM Bishop Bar Click Here
West Lafayette 18-May 6:30 PM MatchBOX Co-Working Studio Click Here
Muncie 18-May 5:30 PM Madjax Click Here
Bloomington 19-May 5:30 PM Bishop Bar Click Here
Indianapolis 24-May 5:30 PM Grove Haus Click Here
Muncie 31-May 6:00 PM Innovation Connector Click Here
Evansville 1-Jun 6:00 PM Innovation Pointe Click Here
Terre Haute 1-Jun 5:30 PM Launch Terre Haute Click Here
Bloomington 8-Jun 5:30 PM Bishop Bar Click Here
Bloomington 8-Jun 5:30 PM Dimension Mill Click Here